Tips for Aspiring Beauty Entrepreneurs

If your aspirations lay beyond being a stylist or make-up artist, there are a lot of hoops you are going to have to jump through. Being a business owner is no easy task and there is a lot of hardship involved but if you have the drive and passion to do what you love, it will all be worth it in the end. Whether your aim to own a studio or start a cosmetics line, being aware of the time and effort you will put in is key. Too many people are discouraged within the first but with some determination, your business thrive. Here are some tips to keep in mind when times get tough.

  • Don’t be Afraid to Jump in
    • The biggest mistake you can make is to not take a chance. Just because you don’t have as much experience as someone in the business for ten years, doesn’t mean you should wait. If you have a good business plan there is no reason you shouldn’t take any opportunity you come across. You also don’t always need work experience to start. Gaining experience through your own journey will be worth more than working for someone else.
    • Find your ‘Minimal Viable Product’ and market it as much as possible. If it fails, use it as an opportunity to make your next product. Don’t let the fear of failing stop you from trying to put out something that will be even better than the last.
  • Solve a Customers Problem
    • You want to go into your business with your customers in mind. While you may know what you want to put out as far as products go, consider how they benefit your customers. Is your product one they have been searching for but can’t seem to find? Are you offering services that are uncommon for the area you want to set up in?
  • Find Your Secret Weapon
    • This might seem obvious but make sure you find something that makes you stand out. How you treat your employees can have a large impact on your business if word gets out about their work environment. On the same note, if you products contain something that is worth noting, take advantage of that. Market on it.
  • ‘DROOM’
    • This is a phrase that will seem like a no-brainer: “Don’t Run out of Money”. No one anticipates this to be a problem but it is one that will come hard and fast if you don’t budget right. Only buy the essentials and pinch a penny where you can compromise. As soon as you run out of money you’ll find yourself in a hole you might not be able to get out if. Just be careful.
  • Get Through Your First Year
    • The first year for anything is the hardest. Business is no exception. The first year is filled with poor sales and spotty marketing but it is also the best way to make your next year better. Learn and grow with the things that did well and the things that did not. As long as you don’t become discouraged you’ll find your success.
  • Find a Good Partner
      • Starting a business on your own is hard work. If you’re working alone there is a lot of burdens to bear and it might seem like an impossible task to take on. If you can find someone to share the load you’ll fly higher. Find someone to partner with that you absolutely trust and someone that balances out your weaknesses. If you have a talent for marketing but lack of accounting, find someone with talents for it and recruit them to be your partner.
  • Nothing is Great Forever
    • Just because business is great now, that doesn’t mean it will be the same forever. Businesses have a lot of ups and downs with a lot of slow seasons that will be hard to get through. Always look for new ideas to keep your business flow high enough to stay afloat if the business is in a slump.

Face Masks

We all know face masks have had a steady rise in popularity recently, especially with the charcoal peels making waves around YouTube. With so many different options, it might be hard to choose which one is the best to use on your skin. In the end, it will really come down to what you’re trying to achieve with the mask. Are you looking to remove blackheads buried in your skin or are you trying to remove the excess oil from your skin? There are so many different options that it is good to go into the process knowing what you are getting, making sure the quality isn’t lacking in the product you choose.

Caffeine-infused facial masks are great for easing the puffiness from under your eyes while it works to brighten your complexion. If coffee isn’t your thing, there is another option for tea drinkers. Masks that contain kombucha (black tea ferment) can help to prevent wrinkles and make your face softer and smoother. This is because of kombucha in an advanced antioxidant. Cloth masks give are going to give you softer skin while delivering large amounts of active ingredients into it. Of course, we have to mention the charcoal masks. Using a mask with active charcoal will act like a magnet and get deep in your pores to remove dirt and stubborn blackheads. These masks can give you some acne relief for up to a week between each use.

If you’re short on time but are looking for quicker results, there are instant face masks that provide hydrating vitamins within minutes. For quick eye treatments, there are also 15-minute eye masks that reduce puffiness and restore your skin. Try out clay masks if you need to draw toxins out of your skin and reduce oil production that can cause acne breakouts. Experts advise not using these more than twice a week and not letting them dry completely or else you might face skin dehydration and irritation.

Peel-off masks are good for stimulating the blood supply in the skin around your face to give it a healthy glow as well as some added hydration. Use a thermal mask that heats up during use to help your skin breathe easier and feel refreshed after use. Letting your pores open will give you a good chance to clean them and avoid breakouts. Vitamin C masks help to boost collagen production and reduce the appearance of brown spots. You can also find anti-aging and skin tightening properties as well.

As if you needed more reasons to use these face masks, there are some overall benefits to them in the long run. You can look forward to unclogged pores with extended use. If your pores are clean and clear you’ll have fewer breakouts and fewer blackheads to worry about. Look forward to that aftercare glow after each use as well. To extend that healthy skin feeling, pair your mask with an equally hydrating and stimulating moisturizer. Face masks will also reduce fine lines and tighten your skin up. Bye, bye wrinkles.

Winter Nail Care

By now you may have noticed that, with the winter having set in, everything has become significantly more brittle. Everything from your hair to nails has become more fragile and susceptible to damage that might take a while to repair. When it comes to nails, they are one of the more noticeable areas to take on breakage and, in some cases, a more annoying area to take it on. When the temperature drops, the air around us loses moisture and that is just the start of the damage. Nails are made up of flattened dead skin cells containing keratin and, on average, healthy nails contain 18% water. During the winter the moving between hot and cold environments remove even more moisture from your nails and leave them dehydrated. And we all know that dried out nails are more likely to break, split, or chip- all of which are not ideal. Especially after a fresh manicure.

Now, it’s not just the dry air that is making your nails more breakable. This can also be caused by the hot showers we take. The water on our bodies is evaporated into the steam and that includes what little of it absorbed by our nails. Also weakening your nails is the day to day household chores. The chemicals in the cleaning products and dish soaps eat at your nails integrity and add to the problem. Dermatologists recommend using rubber gloves when cleaning. This not only protects your nails but also your skin.  

A good first step to keeping your nails healthy is to apply winter hand creams or lotions that are rich in urea. Urea is a humectant that helps hold moisture in the skin. After each hand washing, make it a habit to apply the hand cream and massage it into your cuticles to help stimulate healthy nail growth. At night it isn’t a bad idea to also add rubbing your cuticles with cuticle oil on top of your moisturizing routine. Start by soaking your nails in lukewarm water for 10 minutes max and then apply the oil.

It is then recommended to keep your nails trimmed down. Longer nails are more likely to snag on clothes and cause tears that will ruin the shape of the nail. File your nails two to three times a week to keep them free of snags and cracks. While you should not let your nails go naked in the winter, avoid using nail strengtheners. They are only going to add to the problem of your nails not being able to stand up to elements during the colder seasons. On the same note, watch the nail polish removers you use between color changes. These are just as damaging unless you opt for acetone-free alternatives. It will take a little more effort to get the paint off but will be better for your nails in the end. You can also add Biotin supplements to your diet. Not only will it make your skin and hair healthier but it will make your nails healthier as well.


A Little Wine in Your Makeup

Wine culture has been a growing trend over the last year or two and wine based products have hit the market hard. We’ve seen everything from wine for cats and dogs to wine ice cream and the list keeps growing. What we can add now is wine makeup and I’m not talking about cute makeup palettes named after wine. No, no. These products are made WITH wine! Well, wine grapes and that’s as good as it gets. It isn’t news that there properties within wine grapes that beneficial to a human’s health cosmetic companies have been taking advantage for a while now. Found in these wine grapes are Polyphenols and Resveratrol which are both powerful antioxidants and the grapeseed oil is a great skin protectant and hydrate. Now, while these are mainly found in skin creams, there are a few companies that are cornering the market on lip care infused with wine grape properties.

Bite Beauty was founded by Susanne Langmuir who believes that it is just as important to consider that what you wear on your lips is also being ingested. Now, that might sound pretty gross but it’s true. Little bits of the products are worn away by eating, drinking, talking, and rubbing your lips together. Every time you reapply a product that means the previous layer was worn away and where do you think a portion of that went? Langmuir decided that the products on the market were not up to her standards as far as packaging and product quality went. As such she and her team developed products that include the resveratrol found the skin of wine grapes. This took quite some time as resveratrol was not compatible with the oils waxes found in lipstick. Each gloss or lipstick contains 5mg of resveratrol, about the same amount you would find in 5 glasses of wine.

All of Bite Beauty’s products are also edible, made from 100% food grade ingredients all the way down to the dyes. The intensity of the color you pick will depend on how you apply the product and the colors come in a large range to suit every look. You can also look forward to this product being smooth and creamy as opposed to how dry some other lip products can get. Bite names all of their lip products after wine variants and all the packaging is different for each option. Currently, these products are exclusively sold at Sephora and can be purchased in-store or online. Right now this line has 77 products to offer that are not exclusively the wine based products.

OenoBeauty founder Julia Polloreno thought she might one day be a sommelier, interested in how wine was made in every variation. Instead, she launched OenoBeauty in 2012 after 3 years of development. She made it her personal mission to create products that were all natural and included the components from the wine grapes. The brand is completely self-funded and all the of the products are natural and organic. The quality of the ingredients meant the products themselves were in development longer as to not compromise on the integrity of the brand Polloreno was trying to build. As of now, the brand only has lip glosses and blushes for now but Polloreno hopes to expand her line further in the future. OenoBeauty can only be found online here but there are high hopes for a major retailer to pick up the brand soon.

Labiotte Beauty is a Korean cosmetic company that has launched a line of lipsticks, glasses, and stains produced with red wine. What sets this brand apart from the previously mentioned brands is that, instead of using just the wine grape components, they are also using red wine extract. Their lip line includes mattes, lip tints, and tinted lip balms. Their packaging is also one of a kind. The lipsticks come in packaging that looks like wine bottles and the lip balms come in pots shaped like wine glasses. If you don’t want to stop with your lips, Labiotte also has a wine inspired mascara line that is made with the same red wine extract and is supposed to keep your lashes healthy as well. This brand offers eight different shades of lip products, all with wine-inspired names, ranging in their lightness to dark in color. Labiotte Beauty’s website can be found here but be advised that is in Korean and the English website they sell through it currently down.

Technology Revolutionizing the Salon Experience

In the growing world, there is rapidly developing technologies.  They are often designed to make everyday life easier but they take a lot of development to do so. This year at CES 2018, Henkel, a 140-year-old German brand will be showcasing a brand new technology that will change the way salons handle hair care in the future. The Salon Lab Ecosystem has been put through the tests in Henkel’s Salon Labs to be sure what they are developing is going to make a big impact on the hair care and design market.

What this device is designed to do is to is analyze the molecular structure of your hair by running the plates over a small section.  The SalonLab Analyzer can determine the moisture content, strength, and true color of your hair. From there, the information is sent through an application accessible via the SalonLabs Consultant app. This app is currently compatible with IOS and the salons using this system will be outfitted with IPads. The app provides information such as the treatment, color, and products to use depending on the information is gathers. While you are in the salon, this information can be sent to the SalonLab Customizer. This amazing machine will custom mix a shampoo and conditioner that is personalized for your hair type. It is dispensed into salon sized portions or even small take-home bottles.  If you prefer, the app can also send the product information to Amazon and have it delivered within a couple of hours.

The salon will ask you to come back after a few weeks time if you persist in using the customized products to make sure the treatment is working. If not, your stylist can make adjustments to the recommendations to find you a formula that is better suited to your needs. The SalonLabs Consultant app also provides augmented reality snapshots with personally selected hair color recommendations. This allows the customer to see what the color will look like before it is applied to their hair. Using this technology can give customers more confidence to pursue more dramatic color changes without the speculation at the end result.  Just like with the shampoo, the SalonLab Customizer also creates and dispenses the correct hair color according to the option you pick.

The SalonLab Customizer is installed in-store and collects the data gathered by the SalonLab Analyzer. The Customizer machine has access to hundreds of natural ingredients and essential oils to create the signature product just for you. If you do opt to take your customized product home, the machine will even print out a customized label.

The Henkel products won’t be available anytime soon but there should be more on their commercialization within the coming days. It has been speculated that they will be available to UK markets in the latter half of 2018, followed by US shortly after. These products will not be available widely at first but will be available in select stores. More information about the company can be found at their website,

New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are as easy to make as they are to break. We’ve all been guilty of making a resolution with every intention in the world to carry it through and then come January 2nd, it goes right out the window (I’ll start that diet next Monday, right?! Right?!). While it is never a bad idea to set goals for yourself, start with things that within your power to reach right now. For instance, starting a new beauty routine for the year. Taking care if your body and your skin is just as important as anything else you might be thinking of adding to your list so here are some resolutions you can make to up your beauty game.

Working on Your Brow Game
There is so much work that goes into taking care of your eyebrows as it is. Between shaping and filling and maintenance it might seem daunting. A lot of women are already up on their brow care but if you’ve missed those last waxing or plucking sessions, this new year is the perfect time to get back into those good habits. Besides, once you start, and keep up, with your brows look, it’ll only get easier as you go. Along the way, you might yourself a new look you might have been missing out.

Keeping Your Skin Protected
More than ever, the number of cases of skin cancer is on the rise. Now, don’t get too freaked out by the ‘C’ word as this isn’t an instantaneous occurrence. The more often you skip out on grabbing the Sunscreen, the higher your risk becomes, especially during the sunnier months of the year. That’s not to say you should skip out during the winter, though. Your skin may not get as much sun but it is exposed to harsher, dryer elements that can just as easily damage your skin.

Catching Some Extra ZZZ’s
Now, this isn’t exclusive to your beauty routine. Getting a good night’s rest has a lot of benefits. Getting your recommended daily amount of sleep will not only sharpen your mind and provide some weight loss benefits but it will also make your skin look so much better. What is more exciting than waking up feeling rested to take on the day AND having clearer, healthier looking skin?

Not Looking Perfect All the Time
Okay, hear me out: It is OK to skip your makeup and routine if you aren’t feeling up to it. There is no real pressure for you to look perfect all of the time and if there is, you might want to take a look at where that is coming from. If you wake up and feel sick or you’re running late, or you just don’t feel up to the task, no one has the right to blame you and you shouldn’t let yourself feel stressed out about it. Not everyone is going to look 100%, 100% of the time.

Cleaning Your Makeup Kits
We’ve already talked about the importance of cleaning your makeup brushes and blenders here but it is worth mentioning again. Keeping the tools that are constantly in contact with your face should be cleaned pretty regularly. The longer you go without, he more dirt and bacteria can build up. In turn, that will all be scrubbed into your skin and around your eyes and can have so many side effects.

Protecting Those Locks
Where some women take pride in their makeup game, there are also women that take pride in their hair game (or both!). If you find that you use a lot of heat-producing tools on your hair, you’ll want to use protection. There are many products on the market that can protect your hair during your styling process. Going without can lead your hair to become dry and damaged. When it gets to this point there might a lot of work involved in getting it back to it’s normal, healthy state.

There are many, many more resolutions you can make and if you choose to, choose ones that are suited to your needs. If you feel the need, you can pick ones that are more skin oriented or hair oriented, it’s all up to you!

How Often Should You Clean Your Brushes?

As the New Year approaches, it’s not uncommon to start thinking of their New Year’s Resolutions. They can be anything from losing those last five pounds to taking a chance on something that scares you. If you’re looking for an easy resolution that will benefit your face consider taking on the challenge of keeping up with regular makeup tool maintenance. Now, you might think this is a no-brainer but let’s be honest, how often do you really and truly clean and sanitize your most commonly used tools? It might be a tedious and time-consuming task but the risks you take by not taking care of your tools is far greater than you might think. These tools accumulate so many things throughout the day that you won’t notice until it’s too late. Each use on your face collects dirt and oil, it accumulates product during each use and all of these combined cause an accumulation of bacteria. If not cleaned properly, this can lead to acne breakouts, pink eye, or even staph infections.  

Cleaning your daily tools has many benefits, the most obvious being the lack of breakouts and viral infections. Each time you clean your brushes and blenders you are essentially using, what equates to, a new tool. The application of the products you use will be smoother and more even as a result. Cleaning these tools will keep the bristles soft and help reduce irritation during each use. Keeping these brushes well maintained will also save you money in the end as you won’t have to replace them as often. It is recommended that foundation brushes and blenders be cleaned weekly if not daily. Brushes that are used around the eyes should be cleaned twice a month to avoid potential infections. All other brushes can be cleaned once a month but it is recommended to completely replace blenders every three months.

The easiest cleaning tip for your blender is to simply leave it in water overnight. Before you begin your routine you can remove it, rinse it out and begin use. It’ll be damp and help to apply your product of choice evenly. Avoid sealing the blender in a container or plastic bag as this can increase the buildup of bacteria and even start the buildup of mold. A good indicator that your brushes are in need of a thorough cleanse includes stiff bristles and thick, noticeable application of product without blending well. You can clean your brushes using a gentle soap or gentle detergent mixed with warm water. Beware not to soak the bristles up to the barrel as this may cause the bristles to loosen and fall out. During cleaning take care not to alter the shape of the brush. If you aren’t sure this DIY method is doing the trick, there are cleaning products available made especially for cleaning makeup tools. A neat trick to consider before cleaning brushes are using a dab of almond or olive oil to break up the caked on makeup. Don’t forget to also take care of keeping your eyelash curler clean. If not properly maintained, they can lead to clumpy applications and the potential to even pull eyelashes from their beds.

Chapped Lips? No Problem!

During the drier months, it isn’t unusual to see your lips become more chapped. Unlike most parts of the body, the lips don’t produce any oil or other fluids. Instead, they are exposed to outside elements like the sun and harsh, cold winds. These can cause your lips to dry out and crack quickly. While these are the obvious reasons for chapped lips, there may be more to it than just exposure.  Arielle Kauvar, M.D., director of New York Laser & Skin Care has found that there are several other factors that can cause lips to be dried out. These include allergies to lip products, side effects of medication, hypothyroidism, and Sjogrens syndrome. Most of these causes can be reversed easily by switching products or changing medication if it becomes too much of an issue to keep your lips moisturized. It should be noted that if these changes do not make a difference, it is recommended to see a doctor.  If you’re looking for some non-medical advice on how to save your chapped lips, read on.

The first, and maybe most obvious tip is to stop licking your lips.  It is instinctive, and maybe stress related, to lick your lips for instant dry lip relief. However, doing this isn’t doing your lips any favors. Licking them will make them drier and return make you want to lick them more. This creates a never-ending cycle of drier and drier lips that you’ll want relief from. You’ll also want to avoid breathing through your mouth if you can help it. The steady stream of in and out air does nothing but keep your drier and drier. If you are serious about keeping your lips hydrated, avoid spicy and acidic foods. These can be irritants to the skin on your lips and cause further chapping.

A method you might not think about is the use of a humidifier. If used while you sleep, you are getting a long, continuous stream of moisture produced to replenish those dry lips. It is recommended to set your humidifier for 30-40% as this is optimal for both skin and lip rehydration. It’s a win-win all around. Another good, and simple, treatment to consider is changing your lip balm. In addition to applying it before you step out the door, there are benefits to knowing what you’re putting on your lips. Opt for balms that are thicker and made from ingredients such as wheat-germ oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, shea butter, sunflower oil, or cottonseed oil. These will replenish the moisture lost to your lips. Drinking more water will also provide much-needed hydration. If you’re experiencing chapped and flaky lips, don’t pick at them! Use an over the counter hydrocortisone cream. Use it until the flakiness stops and then switch to a beeswax lip balm to keep a protective layer over your lips.

There is a long-standing myth about chapstick and lip balm addiction. This is simply false. There is no ingredient in these products that can make you addicted to using them. Instead, concider that the addiction theory stems from the enjoyment of relieving dry lips.

Beauty Gifts 2017

By now, many of us have put our trees up, trimmed them, and begun our venture into shopping for presents. Whether you’re finished with your list or looking for just the right gift for those certain someone’s, there is never a bad time to consider other gifts for those that might be a little harder to shop for instead of opting for a gift card to their favorite store. Or perhaps you need to drop some last minute hints to the well-meaning people in your life for what you’re looking for this holiday season. Look no further. Below you’ll be able to find some products and kits that are perfect to start the new year off with.

Frank Body Lip Trio Kit
This lip kit offers three different lip products designed to be natural, nut-free and cruelty-free. Developed to keep your lips hydrated, plump, and protected you can look to obtain these different options:
Cherry Bomb Lip Tint: A “pinky-red” color that plumps up your lips.
Send Nudes Lip Tint: A “no-color-color” that brings out your natural lip color.
Original Lip Balm: Clear and smooth to keep lips hydrated with a subtle gloss.

The CAPtivator Love bath
This is a bath mixture designed to help the flow of energy and draw love into your life. The mixture of sandalwood, neroli, and clary sage work to soothe the nervous system while the mineral bath detoxifies the lymphatic drainage.

OUAIsted Essentials Kit
While this is a Sephora product, it can only be ordered online. It includes Memory Mist, Wave Spray, Dry Shampoo Foam, Chloe + Isabel Hair Accessory, and the Ouai travel bag. This kit is designed to work for all hair types and well as function as a travel kit for when you need to perk your hair up on the go.

Amika Wanderlust Travel Kit
You can look to find the Keep Your Color Shampoo and Conditioner, Perk Up Dry Shampoo, and Touchable Hairspray in a free and vibrant travel tote.

Sakara Beauty Chocolates
Okay, so this isn’t exactly a beauty product in the traditional sense but what girl doesn’t love chocolate? This product is produced with a plant-based, collagen-boosting phytoceramide derived from wheat. You can munch on this treat as it has been proven to improve skin elasticity, hydration, and texture in just two weeks.

Grown Alchemist Limited Edition Body Care Kit
This limited edition product will include a Purifying Body Exfoliant and Mandarin and Rosemary leaf  Body Cream,.This brand prides itself on its organic certified products so you can buy this product without guilt.

It’s all a Blur- Milk Makeup
Looking for more bang for your buck? In this eco-friendly kit you’ll find a Blur Bag, Natural Dry Shampoo, Mini Lip Color in Grrl, Mini Face Mist, Mini Ubame Mascara, Mini Highlighter,  and Biodegradable Micellar Water Makeup Remover Wipe. For a limited time, this $64 kit is on sale for $28 so get it while supplies last.

JINsoon Tout Ensemble Nail Lacquer Gift Set
Enjoy four different nail polishes in this nail lacquer set. Two bottles are textured metallics in gold and silver and the other two are simple black and white. What makes these polishes special is that they are UV filtered which protects against fading and yellowing.


Organic Skin Care

There is no doubt that having a good skincare routine is an important part of your day. Keeping your skin happy and healthy boosts confidence and gives you a great start to your day without worrying about having to cover any blemishes up. When it comes to great skincare, you need to use great products that work and continue to work long after the first application of the day. While there are many products on the market that claim their fame due to these promises, they might not have as much merit as you think. If you want products that are going to work and make a long last impact without being harmful to your skin you want to try products that are organic.

A product is deemed organic by the USDA when it is made up of 95% or more of ingredients that are plant derived. These ingredients have to be made with plants that are grown without pesticides, bioengineered genes, or petroleum-based fertilized. Basically, if it is harmful to the environment the plants and other ingredients cannot be grown are made with it. Organic skin care products are naturally going to work better and be better for you. This is because there are no synthetic ingredients involved that can clog up pores and cause more damage in the long term. Synthetic ingredients are often fast acting and invasive but the damage they can be causing might be unseen until it’s too late. Some of the signs might show in the form of skin irritation, chronic headaches, cancers, breathing disabilities, and even hormone disruption. If you’re thinking of changing up the products you use, below are some brands to get you started.

1. 100% PURE
Natural & Organic, Eco-Friendly, Ethical.
Price Range: $15- $55
This brand is USDA certified organic and made with high-quality ingredients. Their products are dyed with colors extracted from vibrant fruits and vegetables and their fragrances come from all natural essences. Even their packaging is eco-friendly.

2. Aradé Beauty
Natural & Organic, Eco-Friendly, Ethical.
Price Range: $35- $70
These products are enriched with “cold-pressed essential oils that heal skin with good moisture”. Their ingredient sources are held to a high-bar criterion that includes social, ethical, and scientific guidelines.

3. Herbivore Botanicals
Natural & Organic, Eco-Friendly, Ethical
Price Range: $16- $88
The products from this line have no fillers and, instead, utilize globally sourced ingredients. Their packaging is supposed to encourage self-care and healthy indulgence.

4. Indie Lee
Natural & Organic, Eco-Friendly, Ethical
Price Range: $28- $130
After winning a battle with a life-threatening tumor, the founder of this brand learned the tumor was caused by environmental toxins. This inspired her product brand that is geared towards protecting its users and the environment. The brands’ website even has resources that explain the “good” and “bad” ingredients found in most beauty products, organic products included.

Natural & Organic, Eco-Friendly, Ethical
Price Range: $7- $23
Every product is developed with plant and food-based natural and organic ingredients as well as natural essential oils. Partial amounts of the proceeds from each purchase help to support two organizations that are making positive changes for people and the environment: Unite for Her and Turning Green.